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In the competitive global markets today, product sourcing overseas can help companies maintain their cutting edge advantage by cut production costs. However, in order to take full advantage of the benefits of overseas product sourcing it is vital to reduce costs without any compromise in manufacturing standards and quality. If your company decides to over source components for its production line, packaging, promotional items, or wholesale goods for resale, the best approach is to look for the optimal balance in the combination of quality and price. By over sourcing at lower production costs while maintaining quality, your company can ensure its success in the competitive global economy.

Specialised companies can help your efforts to find the best product sourcing opportunities. One such company is Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S), product sourcing specialists who have extensive experience in the industry. Through their focused efforts they achieve the goal of finding the optimal balance in the combination of price and quality for their clients. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) has project managers who are experienced across a wide range of industry sectors and they sourced all kinds of goods. However, if your company activates in a niche they haven’t deal with yet, they will love the challenge.


Product sourcing from China

In general, it is much cheaper to manufacture offshore than in Australia. Materials, goods, and workforce are cheaper, however when you source offshore you will have to consider some key points:


Quality Control and Monitoring

First you’ll need to decide on what criteria you will select the best factory offshores. Another factor to consider is the way you will monitor manufacturing quality as your business progresses. In order to achieve these objectives one way is to visit different factories in Asia. However, this approach involves the need of interpreters and expensive travel. These extra expenses will add up to your production costs and cut into cost savings. Another more efficient, convenient, and cheaper alternative is to rely on the specialised serviced of Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S). The product sourcing specialists have established offices in China, filled with their own local staff. Without the need of spending time and money on travel, their clients can greatly benefit from a presence on the ground.


Minimum Order Quantities

Another factor to consider is the minimum quantities accepted for the manufacturing orders. Any factory sets its own minimum order quantities because they use to sell their goods wholesale. These minimum order quantities depends from factory to factory, based on a few factors. You should check if at your desired order volumes the transportation costs is cost-effective for sourcing offshore. This depends of your preferred shipment method, product weight, size, and quantity, as well as your business deadlines.

Product sourcing via a wholesaler usually will overcome issues related to minimum order, unless you need custom manufacturing. In case that your business specifics require lower volumes of many different products, the best solution might be to take a purchasing tour.

Supply Chain Issues

When goods are sourced overseas, there is most often a longer lead-time involved in the process. Your company will also need to take into consideration the transportation costs. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S), with their extensive years of experience importing from China, can advise you on the lead times, the likely costs, and the more efficient ways to manage your shipments.


Product Sourcing within Australia

Despite the transportation costs and lead times, sourcing from overseas, especially from China, is always more cost-effective than from within Australia. However, there are some particular cases when it is not always clear-cut. If this is the case for your company, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can also accommodate this. They are not only experts in China outsourcing, but experts in the process of product sourcing. If you need that your product to be sourced from within Australia, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can find and assess the best wholesale suppliers for you, manage project deadlines, negotiate rates, and conduct quality control in your behalf. They investigate both local and international options in order to identify the most suitable source of supply for your specific needs.

Custom manufacturing to international standards

 Whether through branded premium, industrial parts, retail products, or packaging to make a product stand out, the process of custom manufacturing allows company to create products that are just right for their specific needs, something totally unique. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) has the expertise and experience to also help in custom manufacturing.

From toys and home-ware to machinery and pumps, from optical frames to sewn products and fabrics, from stationery and packaging to building supplies, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) has helped its clients with custom manufacturing in a wide range of industries.

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can always find the most suitable factory or a manufacturing partner for your company needs. They have extensive expertise across all the stages of product development, manufacturing, logistics and quality control processes. By taking advantage of the Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) services in import, end-to-end manufacturing, logistics, and quality control, your company can greatly improve its competitive edge.



Product development, testing and modification

Whether you just have a great idea that needs promoted or you have a detailed product specification, your product needs be manufactured to your quality standards and to your vision. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) staff in China and Australia has the necessary expertise and experience to ensure that all the relevant details are always included in the product specification. The company’s close relationships with many factories allow them to identify modifications, either to make manufacturing more cost-effective without a sacrifice in quality, or to improve the design of the final product. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can source samples from multiple overseas factories in order to ensure your satisfaction with product quality.

Factory selection

Today there are more than 200,000 factories and manufacturing facilities in China. With such a great number it’s certain that you might need some help. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) local staff will usually recommend you several factories, based on your manufacturing needs, price and quality, as well as product type and quantity. In the rare cases when the product sourcing specialised company don’t know a factory which can effectively supply your custom product, they will certainly find one via by relying on their extensive network.

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) factory audit service includes licensing and legal registration checks, as well as onsite inspection, plus an assessment of quality control and manufacturing capabilities. The product sourcing company can also investigate industrial or management practices, or environmental and social impact, if these are relevant to your manufacturing partner choice.

Any factory recommend by Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will have a proven history of reliability and responsiveness, good communication, and high quality standards, so you can be confident your goods will be produced on time and to your specification.

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) also provides factory inspection tours, so you can visit factories they recommend. The company can organize flights, interpreting and translation services, local transport and accommodation, so that you can focus only on assessing manufacturing suitability and capabilities and other important business.

Price Negotiation and Contracts

The Chinese negotiation and business culture differs from the Western world. However, the staff of Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) on the ground in China is all comprises from locals accustomed with the specifics of the Chinese business culture. They know the specific rules and customs of negotiation in China, whether to push or to step back. They all have their established business relationships, called guanxi in China, which they will use in order to help you get the best possible deal.

Maintaining Quality Control

In the extensive process of quality control, assessing product sample quality is only the beginning stage. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will supervise your custom manufacturing project from end-to-end, resolving promptly any issues in order to keep production on time and within your budget.

Warehousing, Import and Distribution

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can offer a full range of logistics solutions in order to support your particular needs. In case that you are going to ship your custom product internationally, You can rely on Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) warehousing options available within China. This way your company can make significant savings and reduce shipping costs. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) offers services from complete order fulfillment and storage to simple import for the domestic Australian market.

Quality starts with finding the right manufacturer

Whatever would be your choice of product sourcing, you need to always get the best possible supplier. The selection and audit process provided by the specialized product souring company, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S), can ensure that you’ll find the right supplier for your product. The company already has sourced hundreds of products from a large number of factories. In order to match your particular needs, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will select from the list of their known manufacturer in China or, in case of new and custom projects, will investigate alternative suppliers as well.

Initial Factory Selection

The initial factory selection process performed by the Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) usually starts from a list of suppliers that are assessed against various criteria. Extra checks are performed in order to avoid
any obvious danger areas. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will always confirm the legal name of the supplier, check credit history, registration details, and any evidence of eventual legal proceedings against them. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) uses online research in order to perform a general background check against your potential sourcing company.

Other checks performed by Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) are meant to assess how well a certain manufacturer matches your project and how well their main product focus aligns with your needs. For instance, if you are sourcing clothing apparel, a manufacturing facilities specialised in clothing factory is better than one which produces bedding.

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will also check the manufacturer’s production capacity, asses their general impression of the factory, and ask for evidence of strong production process and quality certifications. The aim of all these initial checks is to narrow the list of potential suppliers for your particular product. Once this is done, the company will proceed to the next stage of comparing pricing and choose the most cost-effective solution.


Factory Audits Services

Once Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) has identified a potential sourcing company in China, they will conduct a factory audit. The factory audit allows Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) specialists to confirm their initial research. Among factors researched in their initial audit are included checking if the factory size is as expected, if the factory is well organised, tidy, and clean, if there is evidence of good quality control, how they store and packing their finished goods, eventual safety and health issues, and more.

In the end, a factory audit can help distinguish between reality and systems just on paper. The detailed and comprehensive audit performed by Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can prove far more useful than any quality certification provided by a manufacturer in China. In special cases, if required, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S)can also perform additional audits for management, industrial, environmental, and social performance.

By having their own staff on the ground in China, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can provide impartial and independent factory selection and audit. The company focuses on careful quality control and project management through the life of your project. They designed an innovative multi-step process in order to ensure the best quality control.


End-to-End Quality Control

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) emphasizes on quality from the very beginning of your product sourcing project. Whether you need high-volume disposable items or precision engineering, there is always a minimum quality standard to meet. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) aims their efforts to achieve the right balance of cost and quality for your particular needs.

Specification of Product Information

Detailed and precise specifications are the foundations that stay at the ground of good quality control. A factory will easier produce on your particular specifications if they have enough information. For this reason, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) employs multiple techniques to efficiently communicate specifications.
Some of the Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) clients come with their own specification documents. For those with less expertise in this area, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can provide a template. As a general rule, diagrams, photographs, and pictures, are a proven way to overcome language difficulties. As this has proven even more helpful, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will also send some samples of completed product to product sourcing and manufacturers.


Samples for Inspection

The samples coming from China suppliers can highlight certain issues in quality that were not covered by the original specification. It is a common practice to revise based on a sample, as part of the quality control process. It is better to fix eventual problems at sample stage in order to prevent dealing with more serious quality issues later.

Creation of a quality checklist

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) project managers work with each of their clients in order to develop a quality checklist. The quality checklists are customized to each client and cover all the important points for your specific project. The number of quality control points on your checklist depends on your particular product. Among the commonest checklist areas are included:

· Materials used

· Colour

· Size and weight of various parts

· Australian quality standards

· Performance tests and stress tests

· Labelling 

· Packaging

· Performance tests and stress tests

Production inspection and Monitoring

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) specialists discuss inspection during production with each client. Depending on the complexity, product type, and order volume, inspection during production may or may not be required.

Pre-shipment inspection Check

For each and every project, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) conducts pre-shipment inspections. On this quality control point is dependent the final payment to the supplier. Thanks to the early checks, significant quality issues occur rarely at this stage. Generally, in order to ensure that the inspection is objective, a member of Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) team in China conducts the inspection. Detailed reports are provided to the client as well as the Australian project manager. In case that at this state a problem is encountered, Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) will work with the client in order to resolve it in the best way. Depending on client’s preferences, at this stage the available alternatives are to negotiate a discount or have the product reworked.

International Logistics Management

Cost effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability are critical when importing goods. Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) applies these principles to each warehousing and logistics project they manage. The company has
strategic alliances with worldwide freight and logistics companies. That ensures that your product will move efficiently and smoothly out of China. Your project will benefit from the hands-on management of company’s team on the ground in China. Cost-effective, efficient, and reliable logistics management provided by the Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can maximise your profits and reduce your expenses.

Warehousing in China for distribution to Asia or worldwide

Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) can provide secure warehousing in both Guangdong and Zhejiang provinces in China. Their warehousing facilities are conveniently located close to the busy ports of Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Ningbo. This ensures quick, easy, and efficient stock transport.
Secure warehousing provided by Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) enables their clients to store larger quantities of stock, which helps minimizing the cost per unit. Compared to the USA and Australia, warehousing in China is more cost effective. This smart option is used by many savvy importers.
Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) undertakes global distribution from their warehouses based in China, providing you with additional storage and freight cost savings.

Local Warehousing and Fulfillment in Australia

In case that you need local Australian pick and pack, warehousing, fulfillment and distribution services, you can profit from Australia Equipment Sourcing Services (A.E.S.S) collaboration with Other Logistics Groups. Featuring a sophisticated online tracking system and has warehouse facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. The company specializes in providing cost-effective and tailored logistics and storage service solutions.


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